Wednesday, January 25, 2012

White Wizzard - Over The Top

White Wizzard's sophomore effort is an aptly titled one. There hasn't been an artist this blisteringly metallic since the 80's, and that is exactly the point. These L.A. based bastard sons of Judas Priest are ushering in the new face of metal by emulating the past. The twin guitar attack is powerful, compelling, and will have you throwing the forks and jaguar screams aplenty!

While it's obvious that no new ground has been broken, it's all too refreshing to hear someone play metal with such conviction and fervor. Only in L.A. would/could a band like this exist and flourish. If this band sticks in your craw, you should also take a gander at Skull Fist, Holy Grail, and Cauldron for more filthy retro fury.
Expect big things from this band and genre.

Earache Records                 

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